How to disable write protected on flash drive

Hi, Every body, Today I'm going to show you how to disable write protected flash drive, Write Protected is a setting that block any sort of modification or deletion of a file on a disc. I think most of us we are experiencing an issue,  when you try to copy or delete files on your USB flash drive, Don't worry!! there is the best simple solution that will allow you to remove this settings, it giving you to access/capability to modify, copy, or delete any file from your USB flash drive. follow  all procedure below to disable write protected flash drive.

First of all, Go to Run by pressing window key + R  together or open your Start menu and click on Run, window will pop up command prompt and then type in regedit and press Enter or Ok. This will open registry editor.

Navigate to the following path:


 (see an image example below).

disable write protected

You are done! Simply restart your computer and then reconnect again your USB flash drive to the Computer.

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