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How to apply for disabled google adsense

Adsense account disabled appeal

If your adsense account disabled for invalid activity by google, Don't worry this trick can help you back your account, Before apply for disabled google adsense you have to read  AdSense program policies to prevent your adsense to be disabled again.

These are some few reasons to avoid when you are using  Adsense.
  • Don't try to click on your own Ads and don't tell your visitors or friends to click your Ads.
  • Don't use any software to cheat google especially VPN.
  • Don't tell your friends about your earning, Some people can hate you, Because you make more money than them so they can use VPN to make sure your Account got Banned/Disabled.  

 Follow these easily steps for disabled account appeal

  Step 1: Try to log in to your Adsense Account and will get message like i shown below so Click on Disabled Account FAQ. (see picture example below) 

adsense account disabled

Step 2:  Next Click on Appeal form (see picture example below) 

disabled account appeal

Step 3: they will ask you about your Pubisher ID or Adsense login email if you have select "YES"
 Also will ask you about your Google Account is able to login or not? you have select "YES" and then select "NO" if your Adsense Account was not disabled more than a year or select "YES" if your adsense account disabled more than one year. After that Click appeal form

disabled account appeal

Step 4: copy below text to apply for disabled google adsense for the specific location and paste to appeal form and then Submit. (see picture example below)

"client spans to my substance by means of website pursuit,google search engine,social media,Youtube proposal and Youtube highlights. Some of the activity comes by means of supporters."

"Yes Invalid activity.
As i remember, I accident clicking on ad during review my content because my careless. My youtube Channel got many unknown region region pageviews before got banned. sometimes , my Youtube channel got stuck cannot view because of more traffic from unknown region. I also try to report to google about that before account desabling happened to this account."

"I commit to comply with Google Adsense's Terms & Conditions and Program Policies.
If my ccount is reestablished i will do everything as per Adsense Policy and attempt to make tracks in an opposite direction from the invalid movement which abuses any terms and conditons."

"Dear Google Adsense, This is the first time my Adsense record is incapacitated because of invalid snap movement. I could not record any suspicious IP address, activity log and records. I express of remorse again for this careless as well. I just engage overlook any extreme or light invalid action my records and give me first last opportunity to work  legitimately on my Youtube Channel and Adsense. I acknowledge my mix-ups which happened by unwittingly and my careless. Best Regards.Thank you for giving the time."

 adsense account disabled

Step 5: you are done! (see picture example below) 
 adsense account disabled

First of all, Always follow their AdSense program policies you will never your adsense account disabled. If they don't return back your Account try more time even 10 times to appeal, or request new Account.

Conclusion: If this article is useful for apply for disabled google adsense, Make sure you share it through all social networks.