Delete Google Account Permanently

Have asked yourself how to Delete Google Account Permanently?. Here I have explained step by step to on how delete Google account and account history. So that if you are looking to delete your Google account or just Gmail account. Just follow the instructions given in the below with screenshots examples then you can easily succeed deleting Gmail account.

Steps to Delete Google Account Permanently

1. Click on "My Account"
Click on Google plus log at the top right corner of the Gmail page. then click on "My Account"

Delete Google Account Permanently

2. Then, Click on Delete your account or services.

Delete Google Account Permanently

3. Delete Google services or the entire Google account
You will see two options , Deleting Google services or the entire Google account.

Delete Google Account Permanently
i) Delete Products
Google Account offers their users many services like YouTube,Gmail and e.t.c. So that if you want to delete Google services like YouTube or any other Google service  click on Delete products.

ii) Delete Google Account and data
Click on Delete Account and data to delete your entire Google account.

Delete Google Account Permanently

I strongly suggest you to download all your data before permanently deleting your account or do not delete your account keep staying along Google.

Delete Google Account Permanently
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