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Communication took a new step with the introduction of WhatsApp in the chatting world. With WhatsApp being used as the most favoured and the most extensively used messaging or chatting application. With the availability of the messengers and chatting facility even the mobile gadgets are now used as an advertising medium. There are certain aspects or factors that you can consider to use the WhatsApp advertising benefits for your business.

 There are several facilities that WhatsApp has to offer, like sending messages to group, changing your number and many more. In case you are willing to change the account number that you are currently using for WhatsApp with a new number. WhatsApp provides you with the feature of changing the existing number.

By going through the settings of WhatsApp you it can be done. First you go to settings, then to account, it will provide you with the option as Change number, clicking on it you will be taken to a page where you will have to enter the existing number and the number you want to change into. Once this is done, all the information related to your existing number gets updated with the new number, which also includes the groups that you have been added to.

WhatsApp also comes with a last seen feature, this makes it possible for users to find out who was online or is online at the moment from their contact group. However, you also have the option to hide the last seen. In order to do this you have to go to settings, then to the account followed by privacy, under this you have to select last seen and then choose from the options that you have. Namely there are three options available for you to choose from who can see your last seen, Everybody, My Contacts and Nobody, any among the three that you desire.

Likewise there are several other options that make WhatsApp an effective advertising tool. Not only available for mobile phones, but WhatsApp is also available for PC, when you sync it with it. If you have a WhatsApp account then you can sync all the information or content from it to the go through it using your PC too. You can use this feature using the Google Chrome Browser.

When you synchronize your mobile with your PC, the information related to WhatsApp also gets synchronized too. Now every notification that you must see using your WhatsApp shall be available on your PC too. Also the synchronization that follows can be done using or without using the Bluestacks.

If you are looking to have WhatsApp on your PC without using the Bluestacks, the process of doing so is very simple. All you need to do is follow certain simple steps. Firstly make sure you have Google chrome installed in your PC, if you don’t have it already. Once done, visit the professional site of WhatsApp, which allows you to download WhatsApp.

When you visit the instruction page you are provided with the QR code on the screen and the instructions that you need to follow, suitable for your operating system and mobile phone. Once you get the QR scanner, you can scan it and synchronize the information from your phone to the PC. After this is done you will be able to use your messages on the PC and also on your mobile too.
Getting WhatsApp Installed Without Using Bluestacks
One of the apps that the modern day individuals are found to use very often is the WhatsApp messenger. Now we all are aware that WhatsApp is a mobile application that helps people to communicate with people in special way and has made its way to almost every mobile phone. For individuals who aren’t aware of this fact, WhatsApp can also be used on PCs; you have the option to get the messenger downloaded onto your PC and use Bluestacks software to run the application on your computer.

There are other online apps available too that help you to run WhatsApp on your PC. With the availability of the video call feature WhatsApp has become the messaging app and therefore has also seen increase user base. However, not many know the fact that what Sapp can also be installed without using Bluestacks and simply following certain steps.

All you need to do is follow some very simple steps to install online WhatsApp messenger on your PC, which complies with your operating system. Before you actually know the steps it is important that you get proper information about how the android emulators work and what are its merits and demerits.

For individuals that want to use Bluestacks and other emulators, it becomes important for them to have good graphic card installed in their PC. Also there are several complains found about the offline emulators that they function very slowly. This is definitely not an overwhelming situation when you are chatting with someone and conversation gets delayed.

The latest version of WhatsApp comes with the feature of video calling, for individuals that want to video call their friends they definitely want to use this feature. Yes, the latest version of WhatsApp along with supporting voice calling also supports video calling.

In case you are not willing to use WhatsApp using Bluestacks you do have the option of choosing other android emulators that function better comparatively. There are several other android emulators available on the internet that helps to install WhatsApp on your PC compatible to your desired operating system. However, you also have the option to use the WhatsApp web version provided by WhatsApp itself to use WhatsApp using your PC or laptop.

Using WhatsApp without using Bluestacks is very simple; you don’t actually need to download software to use WhatsApp online. All you need is an email to register to an emulator, internet connection of course and pc running with the required operating system. With the availability of other emulator on the internet, you can simply choose any of them other than Bluestacks and register on to use WhatsApp online; also you have the official web version of WhatsApp too. One can easily register onto an android emulator and then by using through it the online WhatsApp available for PC, of course without using Bluestacks. There are very simple steps that you need to follow.

Make sure you have a browser installed onto our PC, Google chrome in particular. Then get an emulator installed. Once you register on the emulator, you can simply download the web version of WhatsApp and run the file using the emulator and enjoy the messaging App.
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