How to Create a Gmail Account in 1 Minute

Gmail Account
Gmail is a free web-based e-mail service by Google with 15GB free storage.

Follow steps to Create new Google Account:

1. First, Go to

2. Click "Create Account".

3. A Form appears, where Google needs your information to create a new account. Fill in.
gmail account
        a. First Name
        b. Last Name                                                                                                           
        c. Username*
        d. Password*
        e. Birthday - {13 years min.}
        f. Gender - (Male, Female, Other)
        g. Mobile number
        h. Cuurent email address {if you have any email} and your location and click Next step.

* If the username you have selected already exists then you will get a message saying that "the username is already taken. Try another " also Gmail offers you some alternative user names related to your present username. * Choose min. 8 character password and make the password strength: Good, use the Password Generator tool to get a strong password.

4. Then by clicking the next step you will get the google terms of service and privacy policy and on accepting this you will get a welcome page. And, you can access your Gmail account now.

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